Scruba-dub Flexible Eco-Friendly Silicone Dish Scrub Ruby Red

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Make short work of cleaning your dirty dishes using the high-quality Scruba-Dub Flexible Eco-Friendly Silicone Dish Scrub!

Innovative design that is more hygienic and clean than regular sponges

Flexible design made from 100% silicone for long-lasting durability

Safe for use on kitchen surfaces, dishes and non-stick cookware

Boast a stylish bright ruby red colour scheme that looks fantastic in any kitchen

Double sided design with soft bristles on one side and a tough textured side for removing stubborn food and grime

Fast drying dish scrub that will not harbour bacteria

A must-have dish scrub for every kitchen!


1 x Scruba-Dub Dish Scrub




8 x 12.5cm