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Potted Faux Grass Plant White

$8.00 Regular price RRP $29.99
SKU: MYH-1037207

Liven up your home and office décor with a MyHouse Potted Faux Grass Plant

Perfect for anyone who suffers with a brown thumb, the MyHouse Potted Faux Grass Plant is a wonderful home décor piece that creates the illusion of lush greenery in your home or office. An all-in-one décor item, the MyHouse Potted Faux Grass Plant features a plastic grassy plant complete with faux soil and rocks “potted” in a stylish dolomite planter with chic faceted design. Ideal for placing in any room of your home or office space, the MyHouse Potted Faux Grass Plant will instantly brighten any corner, helping to relieve your stress and improve your focus.


• Stylish décor piece
• Made of durable dolomite
• Instantly brightens any room
• Suitable for any room in your home or office
• No care required




11 x 11 x 20cm