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Mondo Crown Cookie Cutter

$2.99 Regular price RRP $4.15
SKU: KWA-02MO045

Want your little prince and princess to celebrate their birthdays in style? Grab the Mondo Crown Cookie Cutter to add a royal touch to your treats. Made from finest quality stainless steel, this crown cutter has a sharp edge to ensure smooth cutting and perfect shaping as you press into fondant, cakes, cookies doughs and pastries. Designed in a form of a glamorous crown, the Mondo Crown Cookie Cutter is perfect for birthday parties, baby showers and other themed parties. Being creative in the kitchen is made easier with commercial grade baking tools and accessories from Mondo. Mix and Match with other Mondo Cookie Cutters to create your own wonderful cookie platter.


• Sugar Cookie recipe on the back
• Royal Icing Cookie Design on the backing card
• Exceptionally durable and easy to use
• Makes a wonderful addition to your baking accessory collection
• Fantastic for shaping and cutting cookies, bakes cakes or rolled fondants
• Made from quality stainless steel


12.5 x 2.5 x 15cm