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Jewelchic III Neoprene Wine Tote Ombre


Taking a bottle of wine on the go? Keep it safe and chilled by carrying it in the Jewelchic Neoprene Wine Tote
Let your personality shine when you’re on the go with the Jewelchic Neoprene Wine Tote! This stylish day-to-day accessory allows you to carry your wine bottle while on the move, helping to keep your hands free for carrying other essential things. Whether you’re going to the park, the beach, or to an event with friends and family, the Jewelchic Neoprene Wine Tote is the perfect addition to your daily activities. Designed for House by Megan Castran, a.k.a Jewelchic, this wine bag is made from quality neoprene – the same material used to make wetsuits – and is naturally lightweight, flexible, protective and absorbent, preventing condensation or sweat from building up on your bottles. With its bold and fun rainbow print designs, the Jewelchic Neoprene Wine Tote is a pure joy to use.


• A great accessory for taking beverages on the go and to events
• Helps to keep your things organised and hands free to carry other things while on the move
• Suitable for taking to the park, beach, and events
• Made with soft and lightweight neoprene, designed to be flexible and protective


14cm x 37cm