Skrubba Cotton Dish Scrub Assorted Colour Dispatch

SKU: DON-3750

Clean your dirty dishes in no time using the highly efficient Skrubba Dish Scrub!

Product is sold separately and comes in various colour combinations. Online orders are selected at random from the assorted options available.

Made of soft cotton and polyester material that will not scratch or damage surfaces while cleaning

Reusable cleaning accessory that can be washed by machine or in the dishwasher

Allows you to do away with toxic cleaning agents and lets you clean with just liquid soap and water

Ultra-durable design can last up to 6 months under normal use

Safe to use on non-stick cookware, microwaves, stovetops, granite tops, stainless steel, bathroom tiles, laminate floors, windows, vinyl siding, pools, outdoor furniture, RVs, fiberglass boats, and car surfaces


1 x Dish Scrub




12 x 16.5cm