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Scullery Eco Stay Fresh Bread Bag

SKU: HIM-1040522

Whether you’ve spent hours kneading, proving and baking your own loaf or simply popped to the local bakery, the Scullery Eco Stay Fresh Bread Bag will securely store your bread and keep it fresh until it’s ready to be enjoyed. With generous dimensions, the bread bag fits most sized loaves, including those with a well-risen height of up to 16cm. Featuring a roll and clip closure, the double-lined Scullery Eco Stay Fresh Bread Bag does a fantastic job of keeping out the air and locking in freshness and is also a great way of banishing freezer burn when saving your bread for a later date. Constructed from food-safe materials, the reusable Scullery Eco Stay Fresh Bread Bag can be easily de-crumbed thanks to the pull-out inner lining and is, of course, more eco-friendly than its single-use plastic counterparts.


• Eco friendly solution to store bread and keep it fresher for longer
• Can fit most sized loaves up to a height of 16cm
• Roll and clip closure seals in the bread and doubles as a transport handle
• Double lined design locks in freshness
• Inner lining can be pulled through for easy cleaning
• Suitable for cold storage - helps to eliminate freezer burn
• Ideal for both store bough and home made loaves


28 x 20cm