Scruba-Dub Antibacterial Silicone Cleaning Gloves Lime Green

SKU: PCP-1032183

Make washing and scrubbing a quick, hygeinic and efficient process with the Antibacterial Silicone Cleaning Gloves from Scruba-Dub

All-in-one cleaning gloves made with soft, comfortable, stretchy silicone

Both gloves are equipped with silicone cleaning bristles that effectively scrub food and grime from dishes without causing damage

Clean your dishes, bathroom, windows, or even brush your pets without chemicals or wasteful sponges and cloths

Fast drying and non-porous construction, won't absorb harmful bacteria or odours so you can clean with confidence

Guaranteed to last longer than standard cleaning tools, resulting in less harmful impacts on the environment

Dishwasher safe for quick cleaning, or simply rinse in hot water and hang to dry!

Available in a variety of bright and attractive colours


2 x silicone dish gloves