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Mondo Stainless Steel Buttercream & Ganache Cake Scraper Small

$6.99 Regular price RRP $11.65
SKU: KWA-04MO787

Show off your cake decorating skills with the Mondo Buttercream & Ganache Cake Scraper. This essential baker’s accessory is the key to making gorgeous bakery quality cakes from home. Crafted from premium quality food grade stainless steel, the Mondo Buttercream & Ganache Cake Scraper features a thin and flat edge design that allows you to effectively smooth and scrape soft buttercream and royal icing, ganache, and more over your cakes, slices, and other baked creations. Create stunning gradients, rainbows, and even ‘naked’ iced cakes for events, birthdays and celebrations that your friends and family will be sad to eat because it looks so good! Easy to clean, the Mondo Buttercream & Ganache Cake Scraper will instantly become your go-to tool for your baking adventures.


• An essential tool for any avid baker
• Crafted from premium quality stainless steel
• Helps you to create high quality, bakery style cakes with ease from home
• Ideal for use with soft buttercreams and ganache
• Also suitable for smoothing fondant or royal icing!


12 x 8cm