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Deborah Hutton Silk Pillowcase

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SKU: MYH-1036760

Enjoy a restful sleep with added benefits when you sleep on the Deborah Hutton Silk Pillowcase

The benefits of sleep speak for themselves, but you can enhance those benefits when you sleep on a silk pillowcase and the Deborah Hutton Silk Pillowcase is the best choice. The Deborah Hutton Silk Pillowcase is made with 100% premium mulberry silk for that smooth, luxurious feel. Due to the nature of their material, silk pillowcases offer a wonder of benefits. Less friction and pulling on your skin as you sleep helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, while the fibre’s less absorbent nature means your skin stays hydrated through the night (especially helpful if you like to apply night serums and moisturisers!) For people who often wake up with dry and tangled hair, a pure mulberry silk pillowcase like the Deborah Hutton Silk Pillowcase can also help to keep your strands smooth and manageable, an absolute godsend for those of us with curly and textured hair. Available in 2 colourways that perfectly match the Deborah Hutton range of sheet sets.


• Made with premium mulberry silk
• Less absorbent than cotton to keep your skin moisturised
• Won’t pull and tug on your skin, helping to reduce wrinkles
• Smooth, soft feel for a luxurious sleep
• Reduces frizz, knots and tangles in your hair
• Available in 2 colours


100% Mulberry silk

Care Instructions

Hand wash in cool water. Line dry in shade, cool iron if desired. Do not dry clean.