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Cellar Tulip Glass 480ml Set of 6

$29.99 Regular price RRP $49.99
SKU: HIM-1034219

Impress your guests with the Cellar Tulip Glass. Perfect for Scottish ales, IPAs, barley wines and any other aromatic beers. This tulip glass has been designed to trap and maintain the perfect foam head to enhance the enjoyment of your favourite hoppy and malty brews. Featuring a short stem, bulbous shape and a top that flares to form a lip to help with head retention for the perfect froth. The bowl-like shape thanks to the bulb design facilitates swirling to further amplify your sensory experience. Add to the visual presentation of your beer and capture the flavour and aroma of your favourite stronger brews such as old ales, barley wines and Double IPAs with this tulip glass. Made from high-quality glass and with a 480ml capacity.


• Bulbous in shape
• Designed to capture the aroma and flavour of your beverages
• Top lip flares to help with head retention
• Made from high-quality glass
• Set includes 6 x 480ml Glasses