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Cellar Premium Decanter 1670ml

SKU: HIM-1024874

A decanter is a simple and decorative way to unleash the true flavours of your wine. The Cellar Premium is made from lead free European crystal, which offers outstanding quality and clarity. The benefits of using a wine decanter include the settling of sediment and allowing your wine to aerate. The Cellar Premium Decanter will be particularly useful if you are a red wine drinker as this type of wine benefits from aerating the most. The wide shaped bowl exposes the surface area of the wine to the air whilst the narrow funnel aids with pouring. This decanter from Cellar comes neatly packaged in a box ready to gift to someone special.


• Made from superior lead free European crystal, which offers beautiful quality and clarity
• Used to settle sediment in the wine and to aerate it for superior drinking experience
• Sophisticated style is a beautiful way to display your wine
• Design incorporates a wide bottom for exposure to air and a narrow funnel for easy pouring
• Ideal housewarming, engagement or wedding gift as it comes packaged neatly in a box

Care Instructions

Hand wash only