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Cellar Premium 7.5cm Silicone Ice Sphere Mould Set of 2

$17.50 Regular price RRP $34.99
SKU: HIM-1024904

The bigger the ice cube the slower it melts and the Cellar Premium Silicone Ice Sphere Mould can make huge ice cubes! In fact, they are not even cubes at all. This mould makes ice spheres, which are way cooler than your average ice cube. This set includes two food safe silicone ice sphere moulds that are really easy to use. Simply fill them up with water through small holes on the top and pop them in the freezer overnight. The silicone construction ensures that the ice balls are easy to remove once frozen. Ice spheres are perfect for using in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and reduce the dilution of your tasty beverage. For a fun twist, you can even add a piece of fruit or a fresh mint leaf to the Cellar Premium Ice Sphere Mould before freezing.


• Comes with two food safe silicone ice sphere moulds
• There is a small hole in the top of each mould for effortless filling
• Just put water inside the mould and then freeze overnight
• Flexible silicone makes it easy to remove your ice balls
• It prevents your drink from being watered down since large ice spheres melt slower than small ice cubes
• Ideal for use with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
• Add a piece of fruit or a fresh mint leaf before freezing for a fun twist