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Cellar Large Ice Cube Tray Silicone Mould

$8.99 Regular price RRP $12.99
SKU: HIM-1024903

The bigger the ice cube the slower it melts and the Cellar Large Ice Cube Tray can make jumbo ice cubes. This is great for enjoying with whiskey, in a punch or in non-alcoholic drinks. The large ice cubes made in this silicone mould reduce dilution of your drink and look really cool whilst doing it! For a fun twist why not add a fresh mint leaf or a piece of fruit before freezing? Neatly packaged, the Cellar Large Silicone Ice Cube Tray would make an awesome housewarming or birthday gift.


• Food safe silicone mould makes 6 jumbo ice cubes
• Large ice cubes melt slower to slow the dilution of your drink
• Perfect for use in whisky glasses, punch bowls or in soft drinks
• For a fun twist, add a piece of fruit or a fresh mint leaf before freezing
• Comes neatly packaged making the ideal housewarming, engagement or birthday gift