Baccarat Barista Facet Double Wall Espresso Glass 88ml Set of 4

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SKU: PCP-1033403

Savour your morning coffee with the stylish Baccarat Barista Facet Double Walled Espresso Glasses!

The ultimate stylish espresso glass set for the avid coffee lover!

Made from heat-resistant glass designed to insulate both hot and cold drinks

Double wall technology is produced using thermal resistant glass and designed so that you're able to pick up the glass without feeling the heat or cold of the liquid inside

Pressure release opening in the base of the glasses to release inner pressure within the double wall chamber

Smooth and fine rim makes drinking easy

Each glass offers a capacity of 88ml, perfect for your morning espresso

Durable and easy to clean, these cups are dishwasher safe for your convenience


4 x Espresso Glasses