Ambrosia Karira Bamboo Bed & Breakfast Serving Tray 50 x 36cm

SKU: HIM-1034531
Enjoy breakfast or snacks from the warmth and comfort of your bed with the Ambrosia Karira Bamboo Bed & Breakfast Serving Tray.
  • A must-have for anyone who loves to enjoy their life from the comfort of their bed (so? everyone!)
  • Crafted from lightweight and ethical bamboo wood
  • Sturdy and naturally antibacterial; it's the perfect serving piece
  • Folding legs instantly elevate this tray from 4.5cm to 22cm so you can sit in comfort and enjoy
  • Perfect for serving a delicious breakfast in bed or for giving your laptop or tablet a sturdy resting place
  • Slots in the tray base help to let air and heat circulate for safety while the elevated edges help to prevent objects from rolling off
  • Hand wash only




50 x 36cm