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Alex Liddy Acacia Serving Tongs

SKU: PCP-1034198
Pick up and serve delicious appetizers with the stylish and versatile Alex Liddy Acacia Serving Tongs! Made from premium acacia wood with a stunning natural finish, the beautiful Alex Liddy Acacia Serving Tongs bring a touch of sophistication to any dining occasion. They are designed for durability, style and lasting performance and are a premium addition to your serve ware collection. Versatile in function, the Alex Liddy Acacia Serving Tongs feature inner ridges on the tong heads for enhanced grip, making them perfect for retrieving hot crumpets and muffins from the toaster, serving fruits and nibbles, or freshly sliced bread with dinner. Fantastic for both everyday use and formal dining occasions, the Alex Liddy Acacia Serving Tongs are a must-have. Update your serving ware collection with the stylish and functional Acacia Serving Tongs by Alex Liddy!