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Tempa Ophelia Set of 2 Tumblers Glasses

$16.99 Regular price RRP $24.95
SKU: LAD-896902

No elegant table setting is complete with the Tempa Ophelia Set of 2 Tumbler Glasses. This stunning pair of tumbler glasses draw inspiration from the early 20th century, bringing a touch of iconic art deco style to your collection. With a quality glass construction, each piece has been beautifully carved with contemporary lines forming striking patterns that catch the light and showcase the colourful elixirs within. With a satisfyingly heavy weight in hand, the sophisticated Tempa Ophelia Set of 2 Tumbler Glasses is perfect for serving stylish cocktails from classic whisky old-fashiond’s to refreshing vodka greyhounds and sipping with friends. Overflowing with elegance, the Tempa Ophelia Set of 2 TumblervGlasses arrive boxed making a fabulous gift option for special occasions.


• Set of two tumbler glasses each with a 280ml capacity
• Crafted from high quality glass for long lasting enjoyment
• Classic style inspired by early 20th century design trends
• Carved with stunning modern lines and patterns that mimic cut diamonds
• Ideal for sipping on a selection of stylish cocktails and mixed drinks
• Must be washed by hand only
• Packaged in a coordinating box making this set a great gift choice


7.5 x 7.5 x 9cm