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Royal Doulton R&D Collection Radial Pair of Crystal Tumblers

$109.99 Regular price RRP $149.00
SKU: FIS-2314101

Craft your dream home bar with the luxurious Royal Doulton R&D Collection Pair of Radial Tumblers. Inspired by classic art-deco design, the Royal Doulton R&D Collection Pair of Radial Tumblers feature a stunning series of intersecting cuts that complete a smart, chic aesthetic. Crafted from high-quality lead crystal, each glass offers an unrivalled clarity to show off the drink within and a satisfying weight in hand as a sign of quality. Prepare your favourite cocktails in the comfort of your home and enjoy the wonderful delight of sipping your creations from these unique glasses. Whether your go-to is a berry gin fizz, a classic whisky old-fashioned or something crafted on the spot, the Royal Doulton R&D Collection Pair of Radial Tumblers provide the perfect backdrop.


• Premium quality crystal glass construction for brilliance and shine
• Perfect for sipping on neat liquor, chilled cocktails and aperitifs
• Showcases influence from art deco and architectural designs
• Horizontal and vertical intersecting cuts showcase exceptional craftsmanship
• Wash by hand to prevent dulling and scratching the surfaces
• Comes in a sleek styled box making a great housewarming gift
• Each beautiful glass offers a capacity of 290ml


8.5 x 9cm