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Remington Power-X3 Hair Clipper

$41.99 Regular price RRP $49.95

Achieve a comfortable cut with the powerful Remington Power-X3 Hair Clipper. With an intuitive dial wheel for ultimate precision, you hold the power to achieve whatever look you desire from the comfort of your home. Thanks to advanced technology along with stainless steel self-sharpening blades and comfort glide combs, the Remington Power-X3 Hair Clipper boasts three times the cutting performance of regular Remington clippers. Conveniently cordless, the clipper runs for up to 45 minutes without the need to be plugged in, giving you ultimate versatility and freedom of movement while clipping. With two comb attachments, short and medium, the clipper offers 24 cutting lengths ranging from 3mm to 24mm so you precision is not an issue! The cleaning brush and lubricating oil help to maintain the Remington Power-X3 Hair Clipper, while the handy pouch lets you store it neatly away whether you’re at home or away travelling.


• Powerful clippers for creating endless looks and styles at home
• Stainless steel self-sharpening blades offer 3x the cutting performance of regular clippers
• Rechargeable clippers with up to 45 minutes of cordless usage for your convenience
• Experience 24 cutting lengths from 3mm-4mm with just two attachments
• Intuitive dial while gives you ultimate precision and control over the length
• Comes with lubricating oil, cleaning brush, power adaptor and a handy storage pouch
• Sleek black casing with a comfortable, ergonomic grip


18.2 x 5 x 4cm