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Duralex Picardie Set Of 6 Tumbler Glasses 90ml

$47.99 Regular price RRP $74.95
SKU: DKS-88036

Build a unique glass collection with the sleek, contemporary Duralex Picardie Set Of 6 Tumbler Glasses 90ml. Offering 90ml capacities, the Picardie Set Of 6 Tumbler Glasses by Duralex are the perfect smaller vessels for enjoying a freshly brewed espresso or shots of your favourite liquor. Crafted in France from tempered glassware that is ultra-resistant to cracks and breaks, this set will stand the test of time and have a place in your home for years to come. Featuring the classic Picardie French tumbler design, a worldwide icon, this set excels to the next level of sophistication with its sprayed colour that creates truly statement pieces for your tabletop. Whether it’s everyday dining or a chic dinner party setting, the versatile Duralex Picardie Set Of 6 Tumbler Glasses 90ml will look fantastic in hand. Highly heat resistant and microwave safe, it is recommended to hand wash these tumblers to preserve the colour.


• Timeless classic Picardie French tumbler design
• Thick base offers a comfortable weight in hand
• Crafted from tempered glass for 2.5 time the resilience
• Small 90ml capacities suitable for shots of espresso and liquor
• Microwave and heat safe - withstands minimum thermal shock of 130°C
• It is recommended to handwash these tumblers
• Made in France by renowned brand Duralex


6.5 x 6.7cm