Sunnylife Kid's Octopus Bath Squirter Toy Orange


Struggling to get your little one in the tub for nightly bath time? Make your job a little easier with the Sunnylife Kid’s Octopus Bath Squirter! This adorable 8-legged bath time friend is guaranteed to entice your little one into washing off the day’s grime with its bright colour and cute face. Made with BPA and phthalate free plastic with a soft and squishy sponge head, the Sunnylife Octopus Bath Squirter is lightweight, soft, flexible and buoyant, plus it features a fun squeeze and squirt function that makes this little underwater friend shoot water everywhere! Suitable for ages 3 and up, the Sunnylife Kid’s Octopus Bath Squirter are guaranteed to make bath time a whole lot of fun.