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Snooza Calming Cuddler Mink Dog Bed Medium

$89.99 Regular price RRP $119.99

Snooza Calming Cuddler Mink Dog Bed is the ideal bed for for anxious pets. It is designed with raised sides to cocoon them, thereby offering a feeling of protection and security, while the long faux shag pile creates a sensory softness that enhances the soothing properties and comfort of this bed. The cushion of the Snooza Calming Cuddler Mink Dog Bed is filled with Snooza’s unique Snoozafill and can easily be topped with extra Snoozafill by using the clever access zipper. All covers are zippered for easy removal and are conveniently machine washable to keep your pet's bed clean and fresh. The Snooza Calming Cuddler Mink Dog Bed is available in 4 sizes.


• Long pile faux fur
• Helps pets feel protected and secure
• Soft raised outer walls for pets who love to cocoon
• Removable zippered covers
• Machine washable for easy cleaning
• Can be topped up and refilled with extra Snoozafill padding for extra comfort
• Australian Made & Owned


70 x 70 x 18cm