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Scruba-Dub Antibacterial Silicone Cleaning Gloves Dove Grey

$10.00 Regular price RRP $19.99
SKU: PCP-1032185

Tackle every room and cleaning task in your home with a single pair of gloves thanks to the new Antibacterial Silicone Cleaning Gloves from Scruba-Dub! These unique cleaning gloves are made from antibacterial silicone and feature built in palm scrubbies for a more, efficient, eco-friendly and hygienic clean around your home. Designed for every possible need, use the Scruba-Dub Silicone Cleaning Gloves to clean dishes, scrub vegetables, clean the bathroom, glassware and windows, and even your pets! Soft, comfortable, and easy to use the Scruba-Dub Silicone Cleaning Gloves are the convenient way to clean around the home without using a multitude of sponges, brushes, clothes and chemicals and are even dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


• All-in-one cleaning gloves made with soft, comfortable, stretchy silicone
• Both gloves are equipped with silicone cleaning bristles that effectively scrub food and grime from dishes without causing damage
• Clean your dishes, bathroom, windows, or even brush your pets without chemicals or wasteful sponges and cloths
• Fast drying and non-porous construction, won't absorb harmful bacteria or odours so you can clean with confidence
• Guaranteed to last longer than standard cleaning tools, resulting in less harmful impacts on the environment
• Dishwasher safe for quick cleaning, or simply rinse in hot water and hang to dry!
• Available in a variety of bright and attractive colours