Packit Freezable Snack Box 23 x 10 x 12.7cm Triangle Stripes

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SKU: DKS-72100

Stylish and functional, the Packit Freezable Snack Box is the perfect on-the-go food storage accessory for keeping your lunchtime treats fresh and delicious throughout the day!

Gel lined walls keep your snacks fresh and chilled for longer!

Designed with a playful and stylish triangle stripes design

Great for carrying a small container or a small drink bottle

Equipped with a buckle handle that clips onto bags, backpacks, strollers and more

Collapsible design allows you to freeze overnight without taking up too much space!

Zip closure locks in cool, dry air to keep your food fresh and delicious throughout the day

Non-toxic poly canvas construction with a food-safe lining


1 x Freezable Snack Box


Non-toxic poly canvas


22.9 x 11.4 x 12.7cm