NoStik Reusable Teflon & Fibreglass Non-Stick Baking Liner 33 x 40cm Black

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Cook in eco-friendly fashion and forget single-use baking paper and foil with the reusable and ultra-durable NoStik Teflon & Fibreglass Non-Stick Baking Liner!

The perfect non-stick cooking surface!

Made from premium quality Teflon and fibreglass

Cook directly on the liner without any need for foil or baking paper

Versatile design allows you to use this baking liner in the microwave, on the BBQ and in gas and electric ovens

Reusable, waste free design allows you to forget single-use baking paper and foil forever!

Can easily be cut to size and offers fuss-free post cooking clean up!

Made in Belgium


1 x Baking Liner




33 x 40cm