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Marie Claire Jardin Champetre Fleur Votive Candle Set of 3 Blue

$10.00 Regular price RRP $34.99
SKU: PCP-1038274

Infuse every room in your home with scents of Paris to improve your mood with the Marie Claire Jardin Champetre Votive Scented Candle Set. Made using soothing and aromatic essential oils and natural wax, the Marie Claire Jardin Champetre Votive Scented Candle Set includes 3 miniature candles from the new Jardin Champetre range that emit a long-lasting scent with envigorating top notes of Blood Orange & Grapefruit that will instantly lift your mood and leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. The Marie Claire Jardin Champetre Votive Scented Candle Setís stylish jars with gold slogan detailing are chic and understated, suitable for displaying in the bedroom, bathroom, and living areas.


• Set of 3 small scented candles fills any room in the house with its soothing scent
• Made with natural waxes and essential oils
• Features bright notes of fruit and florals with Blood Orange & Grapefruit scent
• Designed to lift your mood and induce feelings of love, peace, joy, and happiness
• Suitable for use in the bathroom, bedroom, study, and lounge areas
• Stylishly coloured vases evoke the sophistication of Paris