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Georgia Blanket

$99.99 Regular price RRP $169.99
Type: Blankets
SKU: MYH-1035524

Add some simple style to your space with the classic MyHouse Georgia Blanket. Luxuriously soft and light, the Georgia blanket has been created from a perfectly balanced, premium quality cotton weave. The natural fibres of this beautiful blanket combine warmth and breathability, making it ideal for use throughout all seasons. The jacquard design gives an update to the much loved, traditional cotton waffle blanket. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements, the Georgia Blanket comes in a selection of gorgeous shades - pine, white, midnight blue and burnt saffron.


• Perfectly balanced, premium cotton weave
• Combination of warmth a breathability
• Ideal for use through all seasons
• Jacquard design adds texture to the room
• Available in pine, white, midnight blue and burnt saffron shades
• Comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs

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