Cover Blubber Stretchy Reusable Food Covers Set of 4 Multicolour

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SKU: SAH-51105

Store your culinary creations in environmentally friendly fashion, with the high-quality stretchy Cover Blubber Re-Usable Food Covers 4-Pack in various sizes!

Stretchy, re-usable and eco-friendly food covers to keep your leftovers fresh and delicious for longer!

Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cling wrap

Comprises of 4 x various sized re-usable food covers/savers

Only use in the refrigerator and freezer & hand wash only

Made from food safe StickyRubber and works best when hands and the item you're covering are dry

Flexible design that's fantastic for covering bowls, leftover fruit, vegetables, cheeses and more!


4 x Cover Blubbers