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Cellar Premium Pinot Noir Wine Glass 700ml Set of 2

SKU: HIM-1023726

The Cellar Premium Pinot Noir Glass 700ml Set of 2 are a stunningly designed pair of wine glasses that allows you to drink your favourite red to its full potential with elegance and style. International wine experts agree that the gratification of the taste, texture, aroma and finish of a wine is optimised by using the correct glass that is matched to the particular type of wine it is made for. The Cellar Premium Pinot Noir Glasses has been specifically designed to drink fruit-forward Pinot Noir, with the tapered top and wide bowl to allow for ample aeration of the wine. The beautiful shape not only looks fantastic, but the contours work to concentrate the bouquet and aroma of the wine. The Cellar Premium Pinot Noir Glass 700ml Set of 2 are individually crafted from superior lead free European crystal which creates outstanding quality and brilliant clarity.


• Specially designed glasses for optimum aroma, taste and texture of your wine
• Designed for fruit-forward Pinot Noir
• Tapered top and wide bowl allows for ample aeration
• Designed with extreme contours to concentrate the unique bouquet and wine aroma
• Each glass is crafted from premium European crystal that is lead free
• Incredible clarity
• Presented in a wonderful gift box

Care Instructions

Hand wash recommended