Avanti Reusable Vinyl Tall Snack Bag 1.5L Set of 2

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SKU: SAH-14810

Compactly store or take food and snacks of any variety on the go using the eco-friendly Avanti Reusable Vinyl Snack Bag

Resealable and reusable food storage bags help reduce harmful affects of single-use plastics

Made with BPA and PVC free soft vinyl that is lightweight and longer lasting than standard plastic

Generous 1.5L capacity that is ideal for packing chips, crackers, trail mix, and more

Double lock airtight closure keeps contents fresh

Leak proof and freezer safe

Expandable base for standing neatly on cupboard shelves

Perfect way to take snacks to events and picnics


2 x 1.5L snack bags


L: 31cm, W: 14.5cm, H: 2.5cm