Find your Perfect Quilt & Pillow

A sound, refreshing sleep is vital to healthy living and wellbeing. So, making your bedroom a haven of comfort and rest is not something that should be compromised.  


Quilt time

You have several options when it comes to selecting a cosy Quilt;

    • Down Quilts - For warmth without the weight! Control your level of warmth without compromising on comfort with a luxurious feather and  down quilt. The more down content, the better the quilt will be for warmth and insulation. We have a mid-weight Ultimate Haven, a warmer option in the Divine Luxe or the luxurious Supreme Serenity which are all encased in a high thread count cotton sateen cover to ensure no loss of filling.
    • Wool Quilts - As a natural fibre, wool has the ability to adjust to the body’s temperature. It’s breathable temperature control mechanism allows the filling to absorb moisture in summer and trap heat in winter. Again, you can select your desired level of warmth with the amount of wool filling within the quilt. Our Luxe Wool 300gsm Quilt and Luxe Wool 500gsm Quilt are made with 100% Australian Wool filling and are endorsed by Woolmark.
    • Cotton Quilts - Cotton is a natural material known for its comfort, quality and softness. Cotton is considered to be cooler than other quilt materials because it’s thinner, lighter and more breathable.
    •  Microfibre Quilts - Microfibres are incredibly fine fibres compared to wool, cotton and silk. Our Hotel Collection Quilt is made with a 350gsm down like Micropoly fibre blend, and is very lightweight and lofty and suitable for use all year round. A perfect and lower cost alternative to down, microfibre quilts are machine washable and very easy to care for so make an ideal choice for busy families.

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The Perfect Pillow

Understanding the fill and the casing, as well as knowing which sleeping position you favour, are keys to ensuring you select the right pillow for you. Our expert buying guide will help you discover your dream pillow which will lay the foundations for the perfect night’s rest.

Ultimate Luxury
A feather down fill will naturally form to your body providing a supportive yet cosy layer of comfort. The forever luxurious feathers in our Ultimate Haven Down Pillow are ultra-soft, but will maintain their shape to help support your head and neck whilst you rest. These pillows can last up to 10 years and are resilient and breathable because they are made of a natural material. Suitable for both back and side sleepers.

Memory Foam
This material moulds to your individual shape, encouraging good sleeping posture whilst delivering comfort. We have a range of memory foam pillows to support varying profiles to ensure your muscles are relaxed and rested no matter which way you sleep.

Neck Support
If you suffer from tight neck muscles and need a little extra support, choose a Spa Series Memory Loft 2-in-1 Pillow or a Luxe Wool Pillow. These contouring pillows encourage good sleeping posture, ease neck cramping and pressure point aches, and also assist in keeping airways open. Suitable for side sleepers.

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