Deborah Hutton Medium Scented Candle

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Infuse your home with the delightful scents of the Deborah Hutton Scented Candle

Conjure up images and daydreams of beautiful faraway places with the Deborah Hutton Scented Candle! This refreshing home fragrance is an easy way to eliminate bad or stale smells from any room in your home. Featuring a sleek glass jar, the Deborah Hutton Scented Candle looks stylish in any room and can burn cleanly for up to 40 hours. The oils and wax used in the Deborah Hutton Scented Candle are made with environmentally friendly vegan oils that are alcohol and paraffin free for a healthier home scent. With top notes of crisp citrus, vetiver and hints of the forest, the Deborah Hutton Scented Candle will fill any room with an uplifting, inviting scent that will leave you feeling as though you were on a well-earned getaway.


• Instantly create a relaxing environment in your home
• Candle is made using soy based wax and a premium cotton wick
• Designed to complement any room
• Scent features top note of citrus, vetiver and pine
• Ideal for any room of the house
• Makes a wonderful gift for birthdays and anniversaries