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The benefits of bamboo cotton

The benefits of bamboo cotton

The benefits of bamboo cotton

The benefits of bamboo cotton

Choosing the best bedding for a sound night’s sleep can be overwhelming. Fabric, thread count, style and weight; the options can feel endless. But before you get yourself all tangled up in sheet sets, we’ll suggest a foolproof option: bamboo cotton. From bamboo cotton sheets, to bamboo cotton towels and blankets, the natural fibre is a practical choice. Not only is bamboo cotton luxuriously soft and silky, it has anti-bacterial properties and naturally regulates your body temperature while you sleep.

In case you’re not yet sold, we’ve listed the benefits of bamboo cotton so when it comes time to give your linen closest a refresh, bamboo cotton is at the top of your list.

1. Sustainable

Bamboo grows in abundance, and it’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Harvested bamboo crops can replenish themselves within a year. As a bonus, bamboo is naturally pest-resistant, meaning it doesn’t need to be sprayed with pesticides.

2. Eco-friendly

Since bamboo requires no chemicals and little water to grow, it’s a truly planet-friendly crop. Bamboo plants improve air quality more so than cotton, as bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air, and releases more oxygen back into the environment.

3. Kind to sensitive skin

Because bamboo cotton has anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties, bamboo sheets and towels are ideal for people with skin sensitivities, or for those who just want the most hygienic bed and bathroom experience.

4. Regulates body temperature

Bamboo cotton sheets make for the perfect year-round bedding. Bamboo fibre is thermo-regulating and breathable, so it will keep you warm during winter and cool during summer.

Bamboo cotton sheets 

5. Highly absorbent

Naturally mould resistant and super absorbent; bamboo cotton towels are an obvious choice for the bathroom. Bamboo cotton sheets are also highly absorbent and will draw moisture away from the body, ensuring you get a comfortable sleep every night.

Bamboo cotton towels 

6. Luxurious feel

Bamboo cotton may have many practical benefits, but when it comes down to a good night’s sleep, comfort is paramount. Bamboo cotton has a luxurious feel; it’s silky soft and light on the skin.

7. Durable

While it’s important to replace your sheets every two years bamboo cotton will withstand daily use and regular washing.

Replacing your sheets