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Discover your decorating style...

Discover your decorating style...

Discover your decorating style...

Style By Colour Guide: Discover your decorating style

So, you want to decorate your home, or change-up a room but you have no idea what style to go for and where to begin. A simple way to get started is to pick a colour you’re naturally drawn to and build a look from there. Colour is at the core of interior styles and can point you to a look you love. For instance, blue is the hero hue of the classic Hamptons-inspired homes; while grey is popular in contemporary Scandinavian-style abodes.  

Here we’ve made it easy for you with a Style By Colour Guide to point you to your dream look. Simply pick your favourite colour and give it a go!

Blue: The colour blue is thought to have a calming influence on the mind, making it one of the most popular colours to use in the home. Find inspiration in the classic coastal homes of the Hamptons on the east coast of the United States, where varying shades of blue are bound by a deep navy and paired with neutrals in ivory and cream. To keep the refined look casual and inviting, use texture from woven rugs, crushed linens and plenty of throw cushions. Stripes are a style staple for a Hamptons hideaway, the Bodhi Quilt Cover Set ticks all the boxes. 

Bodhi Quilt Cover Set 

Green: Look to nature and you’ll gather all the inspiration you need for a style that is as calming as it is cool. Match forest greens with natural finishes like timber, wicker and bamboo. Incorporating white will add a light and an uplifting feel. Natural and imperfect fibres like linen will enhance the laid-back vibe. Greenery in pots and hanging plants will bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. For a soothing sleep sanctuary, the Jane Quilt Cover Set with its lush watercolour rainforest print is just the thing.

Jane Quilt Cover Set

Grey: Grey is the new go-to neutral, but it also stands on its own as the foundation for a contemporary interior style. Scandinavian homes have embraced the subtle hue, giving it life alongside white-washed timbers and pastel hues. Add definition by styling with hints of black; think thin black picture frames or a modern black clock like the Andre Wall Clock. In winter add a little Nordic luxury with faux fur throws and rugs. The Silver Coyote Faux Fur Throw with its icy grey hues is the perfect style-match for this look.

Andre Wall Clock

Silver Coyote Faux Fur Throw

Red: If your eye is drawn to red, perhaps you’re after a look that is bold, dramatic, and beautiful. Start with a colourful print, cushion or a vibrant quilt cover like the floral Ella Quilt Cover Set, and build your look around it. Pick out colours from your hero piece and bring it all to life. Don’t be afraid to play with bright tones, but also fall back on neutrals to ensure the room doesn’t feel too busy - your hero piece should always remain the statement.  

Ella Quilt Cover Set 

Pink: No longer reserved just for baby girls’ bedrooms, soft and alluring pink offers a calming subtleness to the home. For a contemporary take on the romantic hue, pair dusty pink with dove grey. Or, blend pink with more masculine hues like navy and indigo. Contrast the pretty rose tones of the Jersey Pink Marble Quilted Cover Set with the inky Navy Linen European Pillow cases.

Jersey Pink Marble Quilted Cover Set

Navy Linen European Pillow Cases

White: Timeless, and simply chic, white inspires tranquillity in the home. To keep an all-white home feeling inviting, rely on timbers and neutral tones to bring warmth. A mix of textures is also important to add interest, so stock up on cushions and throws, like the textural Gia Throw. A minimalist palette also creates a good opportunity to make a statement with artworks and photographs on the walls.  

Gia Throw 

Black: Opulence is the word here. Look for inspiration from luxury art deco hotels of the 1920s. Metallics are a must; brass, gold and silver will glimmer against darker hues. Mirrors and glass furnishings, like coffee tables or drink cabinets, will stop the room from feeling closed in. For hints of colour, deep emerald green or jewel tones are your go-to for this luxe look and be sure to add a little velvet, try the Cotton Velvet Cushion in Mountain.

Cotton Velvet Cushion in Mountain