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How to layer your bed for winter

How to layer your bed for winter

How to layer your bed for winter

How to layer your bed for winter

During the cooler months, there’s no better place to be than snuggled up in bed, cocooned in cosy textures and beautiful bedding. Before the chill really sets in, rethink how you layer your bed for winter to maximise warmth and comfort for the cosiest night’s sleep possible.

Warm your bed from the bottom up

Many might assume the best way to create a cosy bed is to layer additional pieces on top. But, if you want to create enough warmth to rival an electric blanket, you will also need to focus on the bottom layers that rest closest to your body – these will make the biggest difference.

Start with a Waterproof Mattress Protector, this is a must-have year-round to create a healthy sleep haven and to give your mattress a longer life. Next consider a mattress topper, they’re great for giving a new life to an older mattress, plus in winter the additional insulation around your body will be welcomed. With its feather and down fill, the St Anton Feather Topper is pure luxury in winter. 

Mattress Protector

Feather Topper

Snuggle up with the best winter sheets

A set of toasty, good quality flannelette sheets will provide instant and natural warmth. Opt for 100% cotton flannel, like the Blake Flanelette sheet set, over synthetic as they’ll be more breathable, and softer on the skin.

If slipping into a flannelette bed isn’t for you, look for sheets with a higher thread count, think 1000 and up, they’ll be thicker and weightier and will trap the heat in. The St Regis 1000TC Egyptian Cotton Sheet set will provide warmth and luxury hotel-style feel.

Blake Flannelette Sheet

St. Regis Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Choosing the cosiest quilt

For a wonderfully warm sleep, you can’t look past a wool quilt. A quilt like the Macarthur Wool Quilt, provides the most warmth in winter compared to other quilts and as a bonus, wool is hypoallergenic.

For a really luxurious and cosy look, layer your quilt with a coverlet, which can take the place of your heavier quilt in the warmer months. Something like the Elias Coverlet Set, will get year-round use.

Macarthur Wool Quilt

Elias Coverlette set

Layer with enticing textures and rich colours

Now that you have the foundations for a welcoming winter bed, it’s time to add the visual and textural appeal like wool blankets, velvet cushions and fur throws. Winter is a wonderful time to experiment with colour; accessorise with soft furnishings in rich jewel hues and bold tones.