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6 Tips to Finding the Perfect Bed Sheets

6 Tips to Finding the Perfect Bed Sheets

6 Tips to Finding the Perfect Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Buying Guide: 6 Tips to Finding the Perfect Bedding

Are you tired of settling for bed sheets that just aren't comfortable? 

Finding the perfect set of sheets to refresh your bedroom with makes for a simple make over. Plus, if the sheets you're using keep slipping off your mattress while you're sleeping, a new set of sheets could help to improve your sleep!

Ready to learn how to buy the perfect set of sheets for your bed? Keep reading to check out our sheet buying guide!

What Are the Different Type of Sheets?

Before we discuss how to go about choosing the best type of sheets, you should have an understanding of the different types of sheets that are out there. 


Cotton is the most commonly used material in sheets. However, not all cotton provides the same quality and feel. The term 'cotton rich' expresses that the sheet is comprised of 50% cotton while the other 50% of the sheet is made up of an assortment of fibers.

There are different types of cotton, which include: 

Egyptian Cotton

This is the highest quality type of cotton available. Sheets made from Egyptian cotton are usually on the pricier side, but they're built to last over a long period of time.

If you're interested in purchasing a set of sheets that get softer overtime, Egyptian cotton sheets are best known for their outstanding durability.  

American Upland

If you find that the label on a set of sheets says '100% cotton', it's more than likely this type of cotton. American Upland is a short staple cotton that's rougher than it's expensive counterparts. 

While these sheets are very durable, they don't feel as soft as cotton sheets that are more expensive. 


Pima is a long staple cotton that's a bit cheaper than Egyptian cotton. While the pricing of this cotton is cheaper, it still has a soft feel and is very durable. 

What Is Staple Length? 

What does it mean when a set of sheets refers to the staple length of the cotton used in the sheets?

The staple length attributes the length of the fibers that are used to weave the strands of cotton into a sheet. 

Generally, there are three different staple lengths:

  • Short staple
  • Long staple
  • Extra-long staple

The longer the length of the staple is, the higher quality the cotton is.  

1. Learn the Different Weaves

You can't only make a decision on a set of sheets based on the type of cotton they use. Buying a set of sheets based off of the type of weave that was used to make the sheets can really make sure you're purchasing the best type of sheets for your personal needs. 

Here's a list of the most commonly found types of weaves:

Jersey Knit

Jersey knit is most commonly made up of a blend of synthetic and cotton fabric. The end result creates a material that's stretchy and provides users with a broken-in feeling.

If you're looking for a sheet that has a similar feeling to flannel and will help hold the heat in your bed during those cold winter nights, Jersey knit may be your go-to choice. 


Comprised of twill weave, flannel sheets are typically softer than a good selection of the other weaves. 

Not exactly sure what the best type of weave would be for you to sleep on? We recommend buying a set of pillowcases that use the fabric you're questioning for you to try out before committing to a sheet set.


To make a sateen sheet, a manufacturer takes four threads over a singular piece of thread. The end result of this process is a plush, silky feeling while also providing the cotton with extreme durability. 

The only downside is that this weave tends to make the sheets feel a lot heavier. However, if you're looking to keep your bed warm at night, sateen is another great choice as it holds in the heat!


Often called the 'plain' weave, percale is commonly paired with high-quality cotton. Tightly woven, this type of weave gives sheets a smooth and soft finish.

Thanks to the light feeling of this weave, it's a great choice to go with if you're someone who is a hot sleeper looking for a lightweight sheet.

2. Find Sheets That Match Your Lifestyle

There are some sheets out there in the market that require more attention than other types of sheets. If you depend on a washer and dryer to do the majority of your laundry, microfiber and cotton sheets can be easily thrown into a washer and dryer to be cleaned.

However, silk sheets need to be cleaned at a dry cleaner. If you aren't someone who travels to a dry cleaner often, you may find the extra trips to clean your sheets to be unnecessary. 

Someone with a busy life may find taking care of microfiber or cotton sheets to be easier to manage. Sheets made up of luxurious materials, such as silk, linen, or Egyptian cotton, require special cleaning. However, these sheets do become softer overtime if they are properly cared for. 

To make sure your sheets last as long as they possibly can, be sure to read the cleaning instructions that come with your sheets when you purchase them!

3. Match Your Bedroom

Just as you want your sheets to match your lifestyle, you also want to make sure that you're buying a sheet set that'll match your bedroom. Making sure the pattern and color of the sheets that you purchase match the design of your room will set the tone of your bedroom.

4. Size Is Important

Before you go shopping around for a sheet, take some time to measure your mattress. 

Make sure that you measure the height of your mattress, as well as any type of mattress pad that you have on top of your bed. Keep in mind that padding settles over time, so you should make sure that you measure at least three parts of the pads, staying clear from corners. 

It's always a good idea to purchase a sheet for your mattress that has deep pockets, but understand that after being washed several times, the sheet is going to shrink. That's why it's important to purchase a mattress that has deeper pockets than the thickness of your mattress.

We recommend writing down the measurements of your mattress, making sure to measure from the sides of your bed, the mattress thickness, and the measurement from the head to the foot.

Also, don't assume the sheet is going to always fit your bed. If you're looking to invest in sheets that last you a few years, make sure to purchase a larger size sheet to account for shrinkage after a few washes.

5. Thread Count Matters

What exactly is a thread count?

A thread count identifies the number of vertical and horizontal threads there are per square inch. It's a popular thought that the higher the thread count is on a set of sheets, the softer it'll become over time and the longer it'll last.

However, just because a thread count is high doesn't mean that it's a high-quality sheet. At the same point, don't assume that a low thread count means that the sheets are of poor quality.

There are some brands that'll inflate their thread count by using tricks during the manufacturing process. While these sheets may have a higher thread count, the quality of the fabric won't be very sturdy.

6. Purchase Sheets for Season Changes 

If you shop around for sheets based on your body temperature or the upcoming season change, you won't have to depend on your heating (or air conditioning) system.

Are you naturally a hot sleeper or are you interested in buying sheets that'll help you stay cool during the summer months? Try investing in a sheet set that has moisture-wicking capabilities and that feels breathable.

Shopping around for cooler temperatures? You could try to purchase a sheet set that's made up of fleece. If you're looking for something a little cozier, you could try layering sheets to keep your feet warm all winter long!

Understanding This Sheet Buying Guide

We hope that you've found our sheet buying guide helpful! We understand that shopping around for a new set of sheets can be overwhelming, especially when you're trying to find the perfect set of sheets!

Wanting to find the perfect set of sheets? Our collection of Sheet Sets includes a combination of breathable bamboo cotton, elegant sateen cotton, and luxuriously smooth Tencel.

Are you looking to learn more about the different types of sheets available? Check out our Sheets Guide!